What’s new about CareForIT?


Due to technical difficulties the new release has been rescheduled and will now take place between 2100hrs BST and 2200hrs BST on 9th July 2013.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause any of our clients.

The updates will include the following new features

Improved Calendar

  • You can see a day, week, month or year in standard view or as a time line (to help with staff scheduling)
  • You can set reminders
  • You can colour code it for convenience
  • You can share calendars with staff
  • Drag and drop functionality to move appointments easily
  • Sync with other calendar programs such as Gmail or Outlook

Auto scheduling

  • Meaning you can schedule all assignments for a week from the click of one button

  • You can choose whether to assign based on continuity of care or mileage depending on which you find most efficient to use.

  • For example the continuity of care option will look at who goes to see a specific Service User at the same time each week or on a pattern over the last 6 weeks.

  • The mileage option will work out the most efficient routes for each of your staff.

Create Locations

  • Allow Users to add assignments or shifts in a specific location- e.g. A Service User visiting a day centre or a member of staff working in the office

Improved Availability

  • Allow Users to add holidays to their schedule

New Dashboard Options

  • See Birthdays of staff and Service Users for the upcoming weeks

  • You will be able to see a breakdown of Staffed and Unstaffed assignments for the next week

  • Monitor working hours and time off to ensure you are complying with the Working Time Directive

  • See upcoming Service User reviews and staff supervision

Improved Staff to Service User Allocation

  • Carer preferences on Care plans. For example specify preferences such as carer must be a driver

If you wish to become part of our BETA testing group and want to have access faster then don’t hesitate to contact either jasmine@webformed.co.uk or dan@webformed.co.uk for further information

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