Want to Deliver Joined-up Person-Centred Care? Then you’ll Need Joined-up Person-Centred Information!


A couple of interesting statistics for you:

  • The number of smartphone users in the UK is expected to reach nearly 38 million this year (source Statista).
  • The percentage of people aged 55-64 who access the internet every day is nearly 75% – up from 37% in 2006. (ONS).

What has all this got to do with social care, you might ask?

It’s simply this: With all of this technology and the opportunity for instantaneous information sharing available, why is so much of health and social care provision still being managed on paper, spreadsheets or closed databases?

What makes great person centred care?

The most important elements of excellent care delivery will always be the skills and professionalism of care workers and providers. But, in my view, right behind this is the capacity to manage and share information about service users: their needs, preferences, experiences and the care delivered.

Technology makes sharing information easy and efficient. And access to technology opens new and exciting opportunities to deliver the goals of joined-up care built around the needs of service users.

Hardware isn’t an issue

When we’re talking to care providers about the mobile capabilities of CareForIT their first assumption is often that most of their care workers won’t have smartphones. When they check, they invariably find that they do, and would be happy to use them because it makes it makes their job easier.

Hardware cost and availability has traditionally been a significant obstacle to expanding IT use in social care. With modern device agnostic systems this shouldn’t be a problem.

The picture is similar with the secure portal we provide for family, carers and health professionals. Direct family members of people receiving domiciliary or residential care are often in the 55-64 age group that has seen a sharp increase in daily internet use. The internet is increasingly part of their lives and using it to maintain greater involvement in the care of loved ones is natural and welcome.

If all this sounds a bit evangelistic, I make no apology. We’ve seen how technology can transform the efficiency of care management and support care workers to deliver the best care possible. And we want every care worker and service user to have the same benefits.

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Dan Farrell-Wright, CareFotIT

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