Today’s Way of Working Just Met Yesterday’s Business Tools – How Will They Get On?


Way back in the 1990s, when Tesco introduced online shopping, their worst nightmare was that loads of people would use it. Why? Take a look at the process involved and you’ll soon understand.

All customer orders were routed to a central admin office. Here, they were printed and faxed (yes, faxed) to the local store for fulfillment. You don’t have to be Bill Gates to envisage the chaos that would have ensued if millions of shoppers had chosen to use the service.

Trying to do e-commerce in an organisation that wasn’t an e-business had all the ingredients of a disaster if it ever had to be done at scale.

I wonder how many care organisations have recently found themselves in a similar situation? The need to rapidly adapt to remote and flexible working without the right technology infrastructure in place is a consequence of Covid-19 that needs to be addressed.

Essentially, many organisations had to take existing processes and find a way to make them function with staff working remotely.


In 2020 It’s Easier, Transform How You Work


The disadvantage that the pioneers of e-business had was the lack of tools. Systems had to be built more or less from scratch without examples of established good practice as a guide. Today, organisations in the care sector have a couple of distinct advantages.

First, cloud computing is an established and proven technology. This opens many possibilities that businesses twenty years ago wouldn’t have imagined.

Second, there are proven tools, designed specifically for care organisations that run on this technology.

Whether it’s brokering care packages, care planning, rostering, monitoring delivery or reporting and billing – the tools are all there. They’re easy to use, easy to adopt and extend control and compliance to any device, in any location.

Having taken one step into the world of remote and flexible working, the question is whether to step back or forward. Back to how things were, or forward to embrace the technology that makes flexible working efficient and secure with operational risks fully under control. No-man’s land is a risky place to stop.

Old processes and tools and modern ways of working are not a natural fit. For a variety of reasons, the new ways of working are likely to be here to stay – so maybe it’s time to look at the tools and systems that you need to support it.

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