Reablement Scheduling – Keeping Up With Service User Demand


Reablement scheduling is probably the most dynamic aspect of social care. Service users typically have an intervention linked to specific personal goals that lasts only a few weeks. 

Client/Service user lists change constantly as service users join and those at the end of their period of reablement care leave. So, you can spend today devising the most efficient staff roster with minimal travel costs, only to find that tomorrow (or later today!) it’s out of date and wasting valuable resources.

Legacy systems struggle to keep up with the speed of change. This can result in compromises, inefficient resource allocation and needlessly high travel costs.


Better Reablement Productivity


CareFor’s reablement solution offers a fully integrated suite of efficiency-boosting applications designed specifically for the care sector. They’re connected through a secure cloud-based and mobile app environment so that reablement teams can quickly deploy the optimum  resources needed.

Using the CareFor Scheduling productivity tools, staff rosters are easy to manage. They can be updated daily if needed. You can update rotas automatically using integrated Google Maps data to minimise travel time and costs, including car sharing if desired to boost sustainability.

Reablement staff can use the CareFor mobile app to receive updated visit schedules and automatically check in and out of appointments (even when there’s no WiFi or mobile data signal). Managers get real time reporting and alerts for late or missed visits, helping to safeguard service users and staff.


Flexible and Responsive Reablement


All of this adds up to much greater flexibility, a more responsive service and more efficient use of resources. With the CareFor Scheduling reablement solution you’ll be able to deliver more service hours at a lower overall cost with the same size team. You’ll also need less admin overhead.

Efficient reablement planning allows people to be transferred from hospital care more quickly and simplifies the transfer to ongoing care services where needed. The dynamic scheduling and real time reporting made possible by CareFor’s reablement solution helps to ensure your team is always deployed in the most efficient way possible.

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