How To Ensure Reablement Care Stays Viable As Fuel Costs Soar?


Remember the protests when fuel costs climbed past £1.00 per litre? Oh, to have those days back again. 

The reality is that high fuel costs are here to stay. Even if they fall back from the current historic highs the long-term trend is unmistakably upward. 

Many care providers are already worried about what this means for their financial viability and their ability to keep staff who are struggling with the cost of filling up their fuel tanks. 

Planning staff rosters to minimise travel distances and costs is now an even higher priority. Enhanced rota and route planning that can take into account other modes of travel (walking, cycling, public transport,  as well as by car) and enabling care staff to travel as a passenger, all offer major benefits. And for services such as reablement care – where care lists are highly dynamic – keeping staff rosters and routes updated to ensure maximum efficiency is a never-ending battle.

It’s inevitable that more reablement care teams will turn to technology and productivity cloud software solutions to keep travel costs under control.


Cutting Fuel Costs For Effective Reablement Care


The CareFor cloud software suite of productivity tools and integrated mobile apps, for example, offers everything you need to plan and help deliver the most time and cost-effective reablement care rosters – on a daily basis, if that’s what you need to do. 

Dynamic scheduling, combined with the CareBooster app that uses Google Maps data to automatically plan the most efficient routes for each carer and their chosen travel method (including as a passenger) is an effective way to keep travel and staff costs to a minimum. 

Mobile care staff are already asking for individual care visit rotas that they can reach easily from home, rather than having to travel significant distances to a central base and that also avoids unnecessarily long journeys. You can’t work this way using paper forms and centralised records, or with legacy software that does not have the appropriate capability.

You need cloud-based tools. These can automatically send updated visit schedules and summary care plans directly to mobile devices. Visit records and service user progress can be similarly updated in real time from a remote device.

The potential productivity benefits and efficiencies of using cloud-based solutions for reablement care have been clear for some time. They’re already being enjoyed by some teams. Escalating fuel costs and the problems that come in their wake are convincing many more that it’s time to take a serious look at the technology they’re using.

The fully-integrated productivity apps can be up and running within weeks. Fast, efficient procurement via ESPO 394_19 and G-Cloud 12.


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