Practical Answers to Your Domiciliary Care Rostering Woes


Life as a Domiciliary care provider would be much simpler if your client base remained constant, their care needs never changed, and if members of your care team never left or needed to take time off. The reality, as you know, is quite different.

Taking on new service users while ensuring the existing ones continue to see the same care worker, at the same times, as often as possible, can be complex. Yet we also know that this type of continuity is highly valued. It’s a major factor in how service users rate their care provider.

Maximising continuity of care offers service users the reassurance of seeing a familiar face. But for care providers there’s also the need to be cost-effective and make the best use of resources. All of which can place a great deal of strain on whatever system you use for managing visit rounds.

Feeling the Strain?

The strain of a badly designed and inefficient rounds management system will be felt by managers and administrators as they try to balance out conflicting demands. It will also be felt by care workers who might be faced with unnecessary travel or disjointed work rosters. Most significantly, it can also be felt by service users experiencing rushed, late or missed appointments.

An efficient way of managing rounds is absolutely at the heart of any sustainable and compliant home care provision. The good news is that modern technology means that managing rounds isn’t a task that should demand many hours of effort. Neither should it generate stress. 

More Time to Care

The laborious work involved in managing home care rounds should be done by your scheduling system. Admin staff should only need to carry out a few ‘drag and drop’ or ‘click to select’ operations to quickly construct rounds that deliver the greatest efficiency and continuity of care.

That’s how things work in CareFor. And when you also use the CareFor Carer mobile app there is instant and automated verification that planned visits have been carried out. CareFor also provides a seamless flow through to reporting and billing.

What could you use the time you will save for? More care user monitoring visits to ensure they are happy with the service? More one-to-one supervision sessions to support care workers? There are many ways in which time currently spent designing and managing rounds could be better spent.

It’s possible that what we’ve described sounds a long way from whatever rostering system you currently use. If that’s the case it may be a good time to start a free 14 day trial of CareFor.


We believe that People Make the Difference

People, not systems, are the difference between good and outstanding care. CareForIT gives your people the time and the tools to make that difference.

Our powerful and simple to use software gives care staff at all levels better information and more time to do what they do best. We simplify the process so you can focus maximum effort on providing safe, effective and compassionate care.

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