Outcomes Based Social Care


For many, outcomes based social care offers the hope of care services that enable people to lead fuller and happier lives, rather than just receiving a care service.

Outcomes can be used to measure meaningful progress. They can be collated at an organisational level to demonstrate overall effectiveness and value for money.

Here’s a video of a presentation we gave about outcomes based social care at the recent Health+Care Expo. It talks about some of the challenges and possible solutions for using outcomes to improve quality of care.


Recording Outcomes

Care workers can have a different understanding of ‘outcomes’. They record them differently despite using standard paperwork. Achievement of outcomes is also differently interpreted. Overall, outcome reporting is incomplete and inconsistent. Ultimately, providers lack convincing evidence to demonstrate the impact of services because of these inconsistencies.

Collating outcome data is also often inefficient. Data are incomplete and recording is not always timely. Busy social care and support workers see it as another task rather than as part of an integrated approach to monitoring the impact of the service.

Once collected, many providers lack the required systems and knowledge to log and interrogate the data effectively or to produce meaningful reports on impact for funders. Currently data is compiled in separate spreadsheets/documents which adds extra steps and complexity to the task.

CareForIT is developing outcomes based care programmes with providers that deliver:

  • Greater consistency in defining and tracking outcomes
  • A more effective and consistent data capture system that can be easily implemented and integrated
  • An improved outcomes and impact reporting system

Development priorities:

  • Recording and reporting in line with commissioning body expectations
  • Capture data in a meaningful fashion that can be interpreted consistently
  • Accurate and consistent data across multiple staff and service users
  • Intuitive and efficient data capture for staff
  • Minimising the impact on service delivery

If you want to know more about how CareForIT supports outcome-based care delivery and monitoring call us on 01626 798 890

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