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CareFor is software for companies that care -about looking after service users and their workforce.

Brokerage by CareFor makes the brokering of social care packages fast, easy and simple to track.

  • Cut the numbers of unfilled care packages.
  • Reduce reliance on expensive spot contracting.
  • Simplify reporting of delivery and contract compliance.
  • Leave commissioners more time to focus on quality and planning.

How it works

New care packages are entered onto the system .

Providers see relevant packages.

Providers bid for packages they are best able to fulfil.

The broker awards the packages to the selected provider(s).

Delivery performance data is reported online in a consistent format.

Payment data is reported automatically.

Management reports provide comprehensive performance data, from overview to detailed ‘drill-down.

Secure and Self-Contained

No more spreadsheets, local databases and emails that add complexity and data security risks. All transactions and data transfers take place within one system, built with industry leading standards of encryption and security.

Commissioning bodies, care brokers and providers can collaborate and work more efficiently. Service users experience better care and better service.

Speed and Simplicity

  • Approved providers are automatically notified when new care packages are entered onto the system.
  • They can respond instantly to confirm whether they can fulfil the package.
  • The broker selects the provider using the simple and intuitive user interface.


Delivery and compliance are easily tracked through comprehensive reporting modules that can be customised to suit individual needs. For a given period the platform will display counts of:

  • Care hours awarded
  • Care hours delivered
  • Care hours delivered that didn’t match a commissioned package


Any issues with non-compliance and provider delivery performance are highlighted quickly so that appropriate improvement steps can be taken.

Consistent Reporting

Receive performance and compliance data in a consistent format, without a need for further processing. There’s more time to analyse the data for trends. Any potential performance or non-compliance issues are quickly highlighted. Management reporting can be viewed at any level of detail so you are always fully informed and fully in control.

Easy Set Up

There’s no expensive hardware to buy and the implementation time is typically a few weeks.

Proven Technology

Each month eBrokerage by CareFor is already placing and tracking delivery compliance on over 1,000 care packages.

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