Domiciliary Care Risk Assessments


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Potentially, home care workers face significant risks during their working day. The fact that they are working alone, off-site, in somebody’s house is an obvious source of potential hazards. Your domiciliary care workers may also have to administer medication, lift or move service users and use domestic equipment such as cookers, kettles, microwaves and vacuum cleaners.

In extreme cases there may even be the risk of violence or abuse.

It’s not just a case of satisfying the Health and Safety at Work Act; as a responsible employer you want to be sure you are taking all reasonable and practical steps possible to protect your staff and service users from potential harm.

This means having comprehensive and up-to-date risk assessments for all home care service users.

You also want these assessments to be available to care workers – particularly if they are visiting a new or unfamiliar service user.

Risk Assessment Workflow and Monitoring

CareForIT makes the process of recording and approving domiciliary care risk assessments efficient and auditable.

  • Easy to use templates ensure that all potential risks are identified and addressed.
  • The workflow tools make sure that all assessments are reviewed and approved by an appropriate and competent person
  • The approval audit trail is recorded and instantly available.

Finally, the secure online system ensures that up-to-date risk assessments are always available for each home care service user.

The health and safety features of CareForIT are further enhanced by online Medicines Administration Record (MAR) charts. [LINK to page]. These make the safe recording of medication administration simple and transparent.

Domiciliary care risk assessments need to be rigorous and effective. The tools in CareForIT ensure that achieving this goal doesn’t become a burden on your business.

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