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September 21st

An Efficient Five Step Process for Public and Private Healthcare Sector

The last couple of years have put extra strain, stress and pressure on all individuals and industries and this is especially true for the healthcare sector.  Extra administration, Extra protocols and Extra care – all of this adds up to a lot of Extra!   At CareFor we have prided ourselves on providing efficient management…

April 20th

How To Ensure Reablement Care Stays Viable As Fuel Costs Soar?

Remember the protests when fuel costs climbed past £1.00 per litre? Oh, to have those days back again.  The reality is that high fuel costs are here to stay. Even if they fall back from the current historic highs the long-term trend is unmistakably upward.  Many care providers are already worried about what this means…

March 24th

A Mobile Reablement Care Workforce Needs Cloud and Mobile-Enabled Tools

Reablement care is the part of the social care sector that gets talked about the least. And yet it’s one of the most important and one of the hardest to manage. Efficient reablement care supports a seamless transition from hospital to home and helps ensure that more beds are there for those that need them….

March 7th

Reablement Scheduling – Keeping Up With Service User Demand

Reablement scheduling is probably the most dynamic aspect of social care. Service users typically have an intervention linked to specific personal goals that lasts only a few weeks.  Client/Service user lists change constantly as service users join and those at the end of their period of reablement care leave. So, you can spend today devising…

April 28th

CareFor Completes the Acquisition of UDMS

We’re super excited to announce the acquisition of UDMS (known in the market as Ulysses).  Demand for care services continues to grow. At the same time there are budget constraints and a rapid growth in remote working. These drivers mean that organisations, from commissioners to care providers, are exploring new software tools to help them…

September 24th

Travel Time and NMW – Will The Latest Court Ruling Hit More Care Providers?

A group of home care providers was recently ordered to pay more than £100,000 in backdated earnings to home care staff after a four-year court battle. The dispute stemmed from the issue of unpaid travel time effectively taking hourly rates below the National Minimum Wage. The result wasn’t automatically binding on other cases, but there…

September 23rd

Coronavirus Preparedness and Business Continuity

Due to the enforcement of new Government guidelines our office staff will be working remotely from 23rd September. We wanted to provide you with reassurance from our management team that we have robust business continuity plans in place to deal with any staff illness that arises from the coronavirus should it become necessary. We are…

August 28th

What Does Building Resilience Mean in Practice?

Resilience is a term that has probably been used more of the last six months than it has over the last six years. In engineering, a resilient material is one that quickly returns to its original shape after being stretched, twisted or deformed in some way. A resilient organisation is much more than this.  The…

August 17th

Remote Working – How Secure is Your ‘New Normal’

According to some analysts, Covid-19 has driven ten years’ worth of change in working practices in three months. Of course, nothing drives change quite as well as having no option. Remote working wasn’t an alternative, it was the only way to keep going. Many organisations, including in the care sector, have found advantages in remote…

July 24th

Today’s Way of Working Just Met Yesterday’s Business Tools – How Will They Get On?

Way back in the 1990s, when Tesco introduced online shopping, their worst nightmare was that loads of people would use it. Why? Take a look at the process involved and you’ll soon understand. All customer orders were routed to a central admin office. Here, they were printed and faxed (yes, faxed) to the local store…

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