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Delivering 21st Century Social Care using 20th Century Technology will Never Work

There’s plenty of talk about how technology can help deliver more integrated social care, with greater efficiency and better outcomes for service users. But what might this look like?   It would certainly look very different from much of the current landscape of disconnected legacy systems and databases that are more 20th than 21st century….

Cutting Social Care Red Tape Needs Urgent Action

  The Department of Health review aimed at cutting red tape for social care providers exposed a very real problem. It revealed the effort care providers currently waste in maintaining different records for the CQC, local authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups. Although aimed at residential care, I know that domiciliary care providers share many of the frustrations. Welcome…

New Adult Social Care Inspections, How Significant are they really?

October 1 saw the implementation of the new CQC inspection regime for adult social care. Perhaps you have been one of the first domiciliary care providers to experience the new inspection. Of course we’ve seen changes to the adult social care inspections before. And you could probably be forgiven if you see these changes as…

December 5th

How Will Your Home Care Service Fare in the new CQC Ratings?

No doubt all adult social care providers are aware that a new inspection regime is on its way, with consultation currently being carried out. To give you a sense of what’s in store you probably have to look no further than this quote from the CQC website:   ‘Every care home and adult social care…

How the Internet is Changing Home Care Services – Forever

When did you last use a brochure to choose a holiday? For most of us it’s probably a long time ago. These days, for holidays, restaurants, consumer goods and all sorts of other things people look to the internet to help them decide what to buy and what services to use. Welcome to the future…

Can a Smartphone Make Personal Care More ‘Personal’?

You might think that the most important aspect of delivering excellence in domiciliary care is the interaction between the carer and the service user. I would agree with that. You might also say that technology can never be a substitute for the professional and inter-personal skills of a skilled carer. I’d agree with that too. …

Allocating the Right Domiciliary Care Staff to Service Users – How Hard Can it be?

I’m sure nobody in a health and social care business needs reminding that carer training and qualifications are becoming an increasingly intense area of scrutiny. For domiciliary care businesses there is the added complexity of travel time and cost, which have to be considered if you want to deploy key staff as efficiently as possible….

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