Automatic Mileage Calculations


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In any domiciliary care business, calculating and recording mileage for roster planning or payroll can be complicated and time consuming.

Or it can be dead simple.

If you use CareForIT, everything is calculated automatically as you build your rosters. In fact it goes further, the system will also automatically help you create staff rosters that minimise travel time and distance without sacrificing continuity of care.

Imagine what else you could do with the time that you currently spend trying to plan and record care worker travel.

See for yourself how simple it can be:

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We believe that People Make the Difference

People, not systems, are the difference between good and outstanding care. CareForIT gives your people the time and the tools to make that difference.

Our powerful and simple to use software gives care staff at all levels better information and more time to do what they do best. We simplify the process so you can focus maximum effort on providing safe, effective and compassionate care.

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