The CareFor Story

When we started our journey back in 2011 we didn’t set out to create yet another care management and rostering system. Our mission was to clear away the burden of paperwork and everything else that got in the way of delivering excellent and personalized care.

CareFor recently become CareFor. We did this to renew our commitment to our core objectives. Yes, we use advanced technology to save time, keep information secure and make it available to those who need it. But it isn’t about technology, it’s about people – those who manage, deliver and receive care.


With the help and active engagement of our customers, CareFor has evolved over the years. For many care providers of all sizes it’s now an indispensable tool that helps them remain compliant and sustainable. Above all it helps them consistently deliver the highest standards of care.

Our story doesn’t end there. Social care continues to face major challenges from an ageing population, ever-growing demand and increasing expectations. With your help, CareFor will go on evolving to meet those new needs and challenge

‘Our commitment is to keep evolving CareFor and our customer support so that it will always be the simplest way to keep your care business compliant and sustainable.’

– Richard Bedford, MD CareFor

People make the difference

We Believe that People Make the Difference

People, not systems, are the difference between good and outstanding care. CareFor gives your people the time and the tools to make that difference.

Our powerful and simple to use software gives care staff at all levels better information and more time to do what they do best. We simplify the process so you can focus maximum effort on providing safe, effective and compassionate care.

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