A Mobile Reablement Care Workforce Needs Cloud and Mobile-Enabled Tools


Reablement care is the part of the social care sector that gets talked about the least. And yet it’s one of the most important and one of the hardest to manage.

Efficient reablement care supports a seamless transition from hospital to home and helps ensure that more beds are there for those that need them. It also minimises readmissions by helping people make a safe and supported transition between care settings.

For many thousands of people each year it’s the essential interface between healthcare and social care – so it needs to work effectively.

Effectiveness relies on a dedicated mobile workforce. And any mobile workforce works more effectively with cloud-based scheduling, and native mobile app productivity tools designed specifically around each user type’s routines and tasks.

CareFor’s suite of productivity tools for reablement care is designed specifically around the needs of a reablement care workforce in high demand and on the move.


Keeping Pace With Reablement Care


The dynamic, on-demand CareFor scheduling toolset quickly helps devise the most productive visit rosters to suit rapidly-changing care requirements. This links directly to the CareFor mobile application care workers use to receive automatically updated visit schedules.

Alongside this, the CareFor scheduling ‘CAREBooster’ route planning feature uses its integrated Google Maps functionality to plot the most efficient routes – so there’s more caring and less driving.


How it Works


Once the most efficient rosters have been created within the CareFor scheduling system, each care worker automatically receives visit schedule updates on their CareFor mobile app.

So when Claire the reablement care worker arrives at an appointment she checks in using the CareFor mobile app with a single tap of her smartphone. Summary service user and care plan information is instantly available, including any medication requirements.

Using the app Claire can record the service user’s progress towards their goals for independent living, via notes entry and using customisable eForms, and also update information on medications dispensed. This information is updated on the CareFor scheduling system in real time.

Finally, she checks out of the appointment via the mobile app with another single tap on her phone and is glad to see that her next visit is just two streets away (rather than on the other side of town). The central CareFor scheduling reablement system is updated automatically and immediately to show that the visit has been completed.

CareFor’s reablement care solution is a fully integrated suite of cloud-based productivity tools and native mobile applications. It’s a dynamic and innovative solution that helps you deliver a more efficient and agile service.

The fully-integrated CareFor reablement care solution can be up and running within weeks. Procurement is also fast and efficient via ESPO 394_19 and G-Cloud 12.

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