Delivering 21st Century Social Care using 20th Century Technology will Never Work


There’s plenty of talk about how technology can help deliver more integrated social care, with greater efficiency and better outcomes for service users. But what might this look like?


It would certainly look very different from much of the current landscape of disconnected legacy systems and databases that are more 20th than 21st century.

I’d like to share a vision of how things could be more joined up and efficient.

At the top end you’d have a simple but powerful online care commissioning system. Once needs have been assessed care packages are placed on a secure portal for care providers to bid for if they have the appropriate skills and capacity.

The care commissioning system is integrated with the care planning, call monitoring and recording systems used by providers. Naturally these systems would use secure cloud and mobile technology for maximum efficiency.

Contract compliance is tracked and reported automatically. Multiple information handling and data entry for service user records would also be eliminated.

If additional care needs are identified (perhaps because required care can’t be delivered in the available time), this too will be fed back automatically into the commissioning platform.

Collaborative and Integrated Care Delivery

More than this, family members, carers, health professionals and agencies can collaborate through a secure online environment to ensure there is a common understanding of the needs and preferences of service users.

And where the objectives of the care package include reablement or greater independence there is a common process and system for setting and monitoring specific outcomes.

At this point you might be thinking: ‘that all sounds fine but a system like that would take years to build and cost ridiculous money.’ Well here’s the best bit: we’ve already built it.

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